Company Profile

Tick-It Pacific Tours is an Australian trader trading in the Tourism Industry, and among the leading New Zealand trip advisor Australia.

Tick-It Pacific Tours is a wing of the company Tick-IT that is established in 1994 and since then they have fulfilled the New Zealand trip operators requirements of more than 9000 travellers from Australia as well as from every corner of the world.

Tick-It Pacific Tours takes care of the never-ending requirements of the travellers including individual itineraries, group tours, sporting groups’ and school groups’ tours, special interest groups tours all across New Zealand.

New Zealand trip advisor Melbourne Tick-It Pacific Tours is taking all the responsibilities as a tour planner and offering best trip plans and guides to the travel enthusiasts considering their budget and requirements.

Tick-it Pacific Tours is in connection with all major service providers in the New Zealand tourism industry, including Airline companies, Coach Companies, Hotel groups or major attractions all across New Zealand.

Tick-It Pacific Tours makes it sure to provide the best New Zealand tour plans to their clients.

Damien McConnell

Managing Director


Damien has worked in the tourism industry for 28 years and has specialised in the New Zealand market since 1992. Damien has also held Senior Managerial positions with some of Australia’s leading tourism companies.
Email: damien@tick-it.com.au


Scott McConnell

Administration Director


Scott has a Monash University Degree in Tourism. Having worked in retail travel and the hotel industry both in Australia and New Zealand, his experience in developing systems and product for Tick-It Pacific Tours is invaluable.
Email: scott@tick-it.com.au